Storeys Below
Dur: 2:20 
Shot on HD

An old man living on the 14th floor of a tower block flat, longs for his clock to strike 12 noon every day.


The Gathering

Dur: 3:45 
Shot on HD

A postman with a very important message to deliver, attempts to organise a mass gathering.  But what has he got to say, and will anyone show up?

* Official Selection: The London Short FIlm Festival 2011
* FINALIST - The Small Showcase & Awards 2010
* FINALIST - Virgin Media Shorts Competition 2010.

Screened in cinemas nationwide throughout 2010, and available to view on Virgin Media Movies On Demand



Dur: 7:05 
Shot on HDV

D has plenty of time on his hands.  He could be doing all sorts of things… but generally he isn’t doing very much.  Disillusioned with just about everything around him, he takes solace in gangsta rap and bags of family sized crisps… and texting.

"Stood out for all as innovative, very funny and a well-deserving winner."  The Big Issue
"Astute observation of modern life.  A real winner."  The

* Winner of BEST FILM at the Big Issue Film Festival 2007 – The Barbican, London

* Winner of BEST COMEDY at the Super Shorts International Film Festival 2008, London

* Winner of the GOLD AWARD at The Smalls Showcase & Awards 2008 - The Exposure Gallery, London

* Winner of BEST SHORT COMEDY at the Lake County Film Festival 2008, Illinois, USA

* Winner of BEST FILM 5-10 mins at the awards, November 2007

* Finalist  The Comedy Smalls - a competition set up by Paramount Comedy & The Smalls 

Other screenings include:

End of the Pier International Film Festival '08, West Sussex, UK.
Shortwave@93 Feet East, Brick Lane, London, UK
Reel Islington Screenings '08, Odeon Holloway Road, London
Cambridge Film Festival '08, Cambridge, UK
The Can, New York, USA
Martha's Vineyard Film Festival '09, Massachusetts, USA


The Value of Hard Work

Dur: 18:26 
Shot on HD

Jonathan Bream leads a dull life in a meaningless job, shuffling and stapling paper for a living.  Kept in place by a loathsome Manager with a fake tan and a penchant for motivational chats, Jonathan brings colour to his life in unconventional ways including obsessively writing online reviews for everyday household products.  He begins to relish his regular stationary orders as he finds a friend in Kate, the voice on the end of the phone, and his crush on her proves to be a much needed escape route.


* Winner of BEST MINI SHORT, Falstaff International Film Festival 2009
* Official Selection:London Independent Film Festival 2009
* Official Selection:Reel Islington Screenings 2009, London


The Job

Dur: 2:16 
Shot on HDV

It's getting tense.  Dean, Jonno and Macca sit in the car, only moments before the job.  But last time did not go well, and Jonno is having second thoughts...